One could clearly state that the year 1988, was a great one for the future of the porn industry; because not only has it brought the wonderful Tori Black, Remy Lacroix, Jada Stevens and many other babes into this world, it is also the year when another diva was born, and her name is Aruba Jasmine. This lovely babe came to the industry in 2013, and lucky for all of us, she is still doing an amazing job providing loads of masturbation material for us to enjoy!

Born and raised in the UK, you can expect a rather thick accent from this gorgeous bundle of joy, but her ethnicity is actually Latin and we all know what that means. Latin babes tend to be the feistiest and the hottest out of the bunch, and the same thing applies when talking about Aruba Jasmine. She is a gorgeous beauty with perfect measurements (32F-26-37) that you will surely appreciate!

When you see Aruba Jasmine for the first time, you might think that she is fake, but rest assured that all of her curves are real! You can tell that easily by the way her curves tend to bounce like heaven when she is in her naughty act. Aruba Jasmine is 170cm tall, which is just the perfect height, and she has a pair of huge bouncy melons that everyone falls in love with sooner or later. However, besides her enormous knockers, she has a thin waist and thick tights that men just love to ram!

Currently, Aruba James is working with Babestation with is another top cam site packed with British talent, but she has experience with all types of different agencies, which is very promising for her content. Previously, she was featured in clips produced by Brazzers, Joybear, MenOnly, Spizoo Network, Killergram,, Digital Playground, Paradise Films and so on. Those are some big names, don’t you think? This just proves that Aruba Jasmine is one of a kind when it comes to performing.

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What makes her even more attractive and out of the ordinary is her beautiful long blonde hair, that might be fake color, but it makes her look quite exquisite and naughty. In some videos, Aruba Jasmine is presented as this innocent girl who is just looking for some fun, and even with such a build, that role works for her. The simple explanation is because of her big round eyes, that give-off that puppy-eyes look!

She has a beautiful, semi-tanned body with beauty marks on her gorgeous face. Her plump lips look incredibly fuckable, and her beautiful body makes the whole act even better. Aruba Jasmine is a trained make-up artist, which is why she always looks professional, and she loves to work with both amateur and professional porn filmmakers. Because of her natural beauty, and bare body with no tattoos, she is the perfect girl to cast for every naughty roll you could ever imagine!

This is her fifth year in the business of making men’s dick pulsate and produce love juices, but with her talents, you might mistake her for an old timer. Aruba Jasmine is only 30-years-old, but she has skills that you have never thought possible. If you do not believe this statement, feel free to visit many of the porn sites that offer her incredible videos. For example, the clip below where Aruba Jasmine is giving her best to pleasure herself, her partner and her fans.

If you prefer to get right down to the dirty business, do not worry, because Aruba Jasmine’s top priority is your satisfaction, and that means that she has done all kinds of naughty clips! You can watch her suck a dick in almost every clip, but you can also see what happens after she has made her partner’s penis throb. This hot curvy babe loves to get on top and ride in a reverse cowgirl while moaning and grabbing her nice bouncy knockers!

It all depends on what you want to see because you can rest assured that Aruba Jasmine has done it all. You also have a good portion of kinky lesbian clips with her, and a couple of other treats that will be mentioned below. You are bound to find your poison when watching such an amazing babe, so be careful not to get addicted to her irresistible acts!

However, believe it or not, despite her exotic looks and her incredible dick and pussy pleasing techniques, there is a lot more to this girl than just providing pleasure. Aruba Jasmine is a talented blonde chick who will blow your mind over and over again. Many people are not even aware of the fact that this gorgeous babe has amazing vocals, and her accent just makes everything better.

There is a music video performed by CASisDEAD, who is a well-known British rapper, and it is called “Pat Earrings”. Now, many, when first hearing the song, might not realize that the vocals that can be heard in the chorus are actually sung by the addictive porn actress Aruba Jasmine. You should definitely check this song out, as you will fall in love with her all over again!

Nevertheless, you might actually be familiar with her previous work, because many of us know that Aruba Jasmine has yet another music video clip. Now, this music video is posted on a YouTube channel called “Aruba Juice”, and it is called “Daddy Issues”. As you are probably able to guess, this music video is filled with the dirtiest and naughtiest imagery, for those who get off on such tunes.

In addition to her music and her growing porn career, did you know that Aruba Jasmine has a YouTube channel as well? Her official YouTube channel is called Ruwba, and there you have a bunch of ASMR clips where she does some of the kinkiest things for her viewers! Now, you might think that it is not worth checking out since YouTube has its limitations when it comes to nudity, but her clips, even if they are YouTube appropriate, can make any man horny.

For example, in her first ASMR clip which can be seen here, you will get to watch this beautiful British babe open a jar of coconut oil that she will play with. First by spreading it slowly on her hands, then spreading it all over her tits and her shoulders, while she simultaneously talks dirty to you in a sexy whispering voice, and of course, British accent.

Aruba Jasmine also enjoys doing different types of ASMR videos, where she might not talk, but she does not need to. For example, in one of her clips, she has a virtual earpiece, that allows you to hear her on a whole different leave, and you might be thinking: “Why is that good when she doesn’t talk in them?” Well, there is a lot more she can do for you than simply talk in her addictive accent.

You probably think that things cannot get any better since you were just introduced to one of the most beautiful blonde British babes with an amazing body and incredible techniques. Well, yet another thing that makes Aruba Jasmine so irresistible to the audience is the fact that she cares about updating us about her videos, her naughty business and overall her life in general.

You can follow this amazing girl on Social Media Networks if you want, since she frequently posts on Twitter, and loves to update her YouTube channel from time to time as well. Her Twitter feed is filled with some of the juiciest scenes where you can watch her ride a hard pole or please other ladies, as well as images of her in the smallest bikinis or simply naked.

If that is not enough for you, then you might want to follow this fantastic skilled girl on Tumblr and Snapchat! Since Tumblr is a site for images and short clips, that is exactly what you can expect to see there; a bunch of naughty clips and pictures of Aruba Jasmine sharing her everyday life living as the hottest British model!

The same thing applies to SnapChat as well, since you can again see a ton of her selfies taken, and we all know that Aruba Jasmine prefers to take her pictures while half-naked or wearing the sluttiest bikini. Her SnapChat is also filled with shorter clips with filters that will make your day so much better!

When it comes to the porn industry and the models that we have offered, everyone has their own preference. But, it is definitely safe to say that Aruba Jasmine is a beauty that could be everyone’s perfect type, because of her plump lips, beautiful face, gorgeous curvy body with a-rockin’ rack and a great personality to boot! This British princess is a real man’s perfect dirty dream, so make sure to check her out, and have fun watching her kinky content!